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Hi, my name is Andrea Nelson and make-up is my passion. It’s wonderful to be able to help others make the most of their beauty, either directly or through make-up hints and tips online. I have been fascinated by make-up from a very young age and remember my mother and aunts getting ready for parties and this made them both beautiful and happy, and I loved that.


I graduated from the Canadian Beauty College (Toronto Campus) with a make-up Artist Diploma in 2009. This was innovative training with small classes and practical experience with real clients. I learned the theory and the practice of day, evening, bridal, runway, camera, period styles and theatre make-up application as well as how to run a business as a make-up artist.

I continue to learn about skin care products and regimes and how to use these to cleanse and prepare skin for application. I now have a catalogue of tools and essential products to use and apply, whether that be in contouring and highlighting or creating the perfect eye-brow.


When I completed my professional training, I worked for photo shoots, fashion shows, weddings and for the site where are listed the best ideas for a gift. I love helping women prepare for their wedding, where I have time to get to know the bride and chat through potential styles and applications, sometimes creating styles that are unique to them. Photoshoots are also fun and challenging in a different way, since make-up for black and white photography creates different lighting and camera effects than those for colour.

As I also specialise in fashion make-up from the 1930s to the 1980s, I’ve had some great jobs as a make-up artist in television studios. I love to make the world a more beautiful place, so you’ll usually find me elbow deep in make-up, or researching or experimenting with make-up.

Famous artists

I’ve met London-based make-up artist Emma Day, who really knows about using good products. She’s worked at the Cannes Film Festival for years and her work can be seen on countless magazine covers and on many red carpets. Emma introduced me to the Chanel Vitalumière foundation which makes everybody’s skin look really fresh and lovely.

At Toronto’s International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in August 2017, I met Maryse Gosselin, Cirque du Soleil’s key make-up artist and saw her demonstrate several theatrical make-up techniques. She is a consummate professional and an inspiration.

Famous Artists

Pro Tips
Pro Tips

Make-up Tips For Different Occasions

Makeup tips

Wearing different make-up for different occasions not only makes you look amazing, it will make you feel great too. Yet for many women, make-up application can appear to be complicated and some feel more comfortable to repeat what they’ve always known. Now is your chance to take a fresh look at your make-up. Here are some tips for make-up for different occasions, including tips to get your skin just right before colours.

Before you start

Make sure your face is fresh and moisturised before put any product on it. To make sure your make-up lasts all day, add primer with your fingers. If you have oily skin, try a 2-in-1 primer that will matt your skin.


Foundation will give you clear, flawless skin, making it the perfect palette on which to add colour later. Check you have the correct foundation colour by testing the foundation along your jawline in several lighting conditions. The foundation that disappears onto your skin is your perfect match.

For a natural look that also draws attention to your eyes, apply concealer in the shape of a triangle below your eyes.

Apply your foundation with a flat/fluffy applicator brush or a sponge. Start from the centre of your face and blend it outwards. A duo fibre synthetic brush, used in a circular motion, will buff the foundation really well into the skin and blend it evenly all over the face.

Add foundation to your neck area so that your face does not look different to your neck.

Set your foundation with powder. If you have a dry skin, apply powder only to the areas that are inclined to get shiny. For those with oily skin, concentrate on adding powder on the t- zone.

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Valentine's Day Make-up Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one day where it feels good to dress up and make-up so he’ll fall in love with you even more. Whether you are planning an intimate meal at home or heading out to a posh restaurant, here are some looks that you can wear.

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Valentine's Day Makeup Idea

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Famous make-up artists

Famous Make-up Artists

When it comes to beauty, it is fascinating to most of us how individuals look before their trusted make-up artist has done their work. These same make-up artists offer the chance to see celebrity beauty up close as many run training courses or tutorials. Here we look at the most famous make-up artists, giving a little detail about each so you can decide who you want to follow:

Video Tutorials

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