Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Buy or DIY? Vitamin C

Today we're introducing a new Category.  It's our version of the standard High vs. Low, or Splurge vs. Steal.  We're calling it Buy or DIY.  First up, we've got vitamin C:  Get your dose with The Body Deli Vital C Serum or an Orange Infusion mask.

Skin loves Vitamin C.  And why not, don't we all love something that loves us back?  Vitamin C has been proven to stimulate collagen, decrease wrinkles, and give skin glow.  It's antioxidant properties help improve cellular damage and repair skin by keeping cells allied - helping to maintain the skin's basic structure.  In short, vitamin C has the ability to repair protective outer layers of skin, which means maintaining a protective barrier against dryness, breakouts and redness.

We tried two ways to get our vitamin C.  First up, our Buy, is The Body Deli Vital C Serum ($21.50) containing Alpha Lipoic Acid; a Beta Hydroxy Acid used to fight cell damage via exfoliation.  BHA's work from inside the pore to improve the shape and prevent blockage (aka blackheads), which helps promote radiance.  The Body Deli Vital C Serum's combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10  (another antioxidant, and which is also naturally occurring in the body) and Rovisome C, (the most stable and effective form of vitamin C), means a high dose of skin-saving ingredients for polished skin.
We noticed a difference: smaller pores and smoother skin texture with daily daytime use.

Our DIY option for getting vitamin C is a simple face mask we found in Babushka's Beauty Secrets.  It's a one ingredient DIY that is so easy we couldn't believe how well it worked.  Slice an orange (we bought our organic orange at Whole Foods), rub the juicy side over clean face, and rinse after ten to twenty minutes, following with toner and moisturizer (eat the rest of the fruit for a double dose of vitamin C).  The greatest thing about this mask is that the antioxidants are fresh - so do not have time to deteriorate or lose any of their super benefits, plus it's cheap and easy!

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