Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Emergency Relief (Or Why I'm Putting Belly Oil On My Face)

Well, I knew it was coming, I just didn't know it was going to come to this.  Dealing with dry skin Winter 2013.

Every winter since I moved to Toronto (this is no. 8), my skin gets dry.  I mean dry.  I, like many people, come mid-december begin find random patches of sad, dry skin on my arms and legs, and my shins start absorbing moisture like a Shamwow.  My face is another beast.  My face, bearing some of the thinnest, most fragile skin on my body, is the only part of me actually facing the wind, snow, and cold when I go outside.

This year though, ever optimistic and a week into 2013, I thought I might be getting lucky, because after almost a month of winter weather (and booze, and Christmas and birthday indulgences) my skin was holding up and nary a sign of the tiniest flake of skin or tightness.  But, just as I thought I might be home free, the other day, fully decked in all my winter wear to brace the cold, my forehead began to itch and then burn under my knit cap.  Halfway through my walk, I had to yank off my hat and bare my naked forehead to the cool breeze to get some relief.  "Wow, my skin is really dry." I thought, naively.  Over the next few days, I began to get flashbacks of years gone by, scouring the medicine cabinet and my stash of products to find something thick and emollient and un-scented to provide relief.
My Pai Rosehip - not heavy enough, my ever-growing collection of facial oils, just not doing it, nothing was 'sinking' in or working like usual, and drastic measures had to be taken.  Last night I finally located a small tub of a sample that I brought home for my husband's eczema a few weeks ago, and smeared it all over my face.  Relief never felt so good.

So now, in an effort of trying to give my skin some sort of new emergency routine, using the most gentle products I can find in my apartment, I've resorted to slathering Soapwalla Resilience Pregnant Belly Oil (not pregnant - it's a tester!) on my face before I get in the shower.  Then I try not to let the water or my shampoo touch my face while I'm in there.  When I get out, I gently dab my face with a towel and apply a thick layer of the magic salve (which is actually St. Francis Red Clover Salve) given to me by the nice girl at Whole Foods.  At night, I do pretty much the same thing: Soapwalla oil removed with a soft cloth and then the salve.  I've also been air-drying my hair to keep the heat off my face and I've begun carting the humidifier around with me from room to room.  My water intake has gone up enormously (I'm drinking enough water to fill a small aquarium daily).

Obviously I have to figure this situation out officially, but sometimes skin care is less about regime and all about using what's on hand to solve actual skin problems that crop up.

NOTE: The item to the top right is RMS Beauty Lip & Skin balm which I use to spot treat dryness.  The greenish one is the St. Francis Red Clover Salve, and the book is Stephan's (my husband).

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