Friday, 11 January 2013

Shop Feature: Good Roots

Shopping non-toxic beauty and body care at Canada's newest green beauty online eco-tique.

Location: Toronto, ON / Canada

Established: December 12, 2012

Address (Online):

About:  Fed up with advertising and feeling misled, founder Marsha Cummings decided to take matters into her own hands and, over the course of two years, laid the groundwork for her new toxic-free online shop Good Roots.  "I felt there was a lot of deception and greenwashing in all consumer products, and I was frustrated not knowing what to believe", she says.  What resulted from her decision is a brand new personal care eco-tique stocking over 33 brands and 700 products (and growing fast).  All Good Roots products are vetted against hundreds of potentially problematic ingredients.

Why We Love It:  From eyeliner to femine hygine products, all of the items available at Good Roots are completely non-toxic and made by environmentally-conscious, socially-aware, and animal friendly companies.  When Cummings states, "Products have the ability to change people's lives", we have to high five agree.

Grab Bag (Andrea):  Green Beaver Apres Ski Boreal Face Cream ($14.99), Dr. Bronner's Rose Pure Castile Liquid Soap ($3.99), The Diva Cup ($39.99).

Founder Favourites: Marsha loves: Weleda Salt Toothpaste ($5.99), Consonant Hydraextreme ($72), Hugo Sea Fennel and Passionflower Deodorant ($7.99), Natracare Feminine Hygiene ($2.99 - $8.29 tax-free), and Green Beaver Eye Makeup Remover ($13.99).

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