Friday, 1 February 2013

Anita Clarke On Beauty

We love Anita Clarke!  Toronto fashion blogger and Editor in Chief of I Want I Got spoke to us about her thoughts on beauty, and her low-maintenance personal style.  We're girl crushing big time. 

"Anything can be beautiful, it's so hard to pinpoint, I mean, obviously the standard trope, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' is absolutely true, people's eyes are different, brains are different, all that stuff, so people interpret things in different ways, but I find things with slight imperfections are more beautiful than that 'perfect' type of thing.  I'm always looking for issues, that's kind of my job.  I'm always looking for things that are broken, so when I see something that's too posh, I'm like, there's something wrong there.  If a person has a small flaw, it makes them more human and more, I don't know, I have more relatability to them, they're real, the're just like you and me.  They may look amazing and whatever - it's a hard question, it could be anything.  It could be a puddle, it could be a beautiful painting, a beautiful person, it could be a mangy cat.  It really all comes into timing, your mood at the time, what's going on in the environment, all those kind of things can define something as beautiful, but it's really kind of transient and fleeting.

I wouldn't say it's a static thing, things that I may have thought were the best when I was a child I know better now and can appreciate more than when I was younger.  I have more education, more willingness to look at things differently or look at just anything different and be willing to immerse myself in it, or learn about it, or give it a chance.  Some people are very stand-offish about things and put up barriers around stuff, where as I like to try everything, or at least get to see everything if I can.  It's definitely not anything static, it's changing all the time.  I'm sure 30 years from now my opinion will be different too - which is kind of fun, you're always growing, so I always look at it as a positive thing, change is never negative to me.  It's always been, something always has come out good at the end of it, so I always look at things like like that positively.

I'm pretty low maintenance beauty-wise, I like when I go onto a shoot and I have a makeup artist and they do all kinds of crazy stuff, I'm very open-minded in that sense, I'm like 'you're the expert make me up like you think I should look'.  I love doing that, but for my own personal self, you know, I do the whole moisturizing-skin-care routine, with exfoliants and masks - that kind of routine is something that I do all the time - but as for putting on foundation and all that kind of stuff, I don't really use those products.  I'm like a lip gloss and mascara and out the door kind of thing.  Probably mostly from my background of being an athlete during high school and some of university, it just didn't make sense, putting makeup on and then I'd go and work out and be sweaty and it didn't fit my life style at the time, so it kind of just travelled with me throughout the years after I stopped being competitive.  I'm just really simple.  I like the idea of [makeup], I'm just not very good at it, I'm not very artistic, and having that fine movement with your hands to get eyeliner right and things like that, I kind of get frustrated with it and just don't bother."

Anita Clarke is the Editor in Chief of I Want I Got, a Toronto fashion blog.  Follow her here
Photographed in Toronto January 2013 by Andrea Victory-LaCasse. Originally posted on On Beauty.

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