Monday, 25 February 2013

Meet the Brand: Ella's Botanicals

Toronto's own Ella's Botanicals is a natural brand that just got an upbeat new look.

It was a love affair of herbs and aromatherapy that saw the dawn of Ella's Botanicals.  Local brand creator, Ella Nunes, launched her line in January of 2006 to satisfy demand of the handmade products she was whipping up in her kitchen.  Seven years later and Ella's is still going strong, with a new look to match.

At a young age, Nunes discovered her passion for the natural, and began studying herbal medicine; growing and expanding her knowledge of the healing and beneficial properties of plants.  Nunes points out that from step one, she works to add extra therapeutic factors.  Ella's Botanicals is one of the few companies infusing oils with their own blend of herbs before they hit the recipe.

If Ella's Botanicals sounds familiar, it may be because the original look of the brand's packaging had a crafty, apothecary feel to it.  Though stand-out as it were, Nunes felt it was time to freshen up.  She no longer wanted it to appear as simply a gift line, but felt the need for the brand to come across as what it was: a natural beauty care company for the whole family.  Nunes explains, "We're serious about our ingredients, and we wanted something to reflect that."  Still true to it's handmade production, Ella's Botanicals now has a more modern feel, and looks at home on shelves everywhere.  Especially ours!

Ella's Botanicals is sold across Canada.  Visit to shop the line.

Grab Bag (Andrea):  Ella's Botanicals Lemon Zing Shower Gel ($18), remember my review on it?  Also check out the EB Skin Soother Beauty Bar ($7).

Ella's Picks:  Ella's Botanicals Anoint Me Hydrating Lotion ($20), Ella's Botanicals Lemon Zingbar ($7), and Ella's Botanicals Lavender Bliss Magic Balm ($15).

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