Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy Superbowl XLVII!

Full Disclosure: I love football.  In honour of Superbowl Sunday 2013 I take a look at the beauty of  the NFL + players 'eye black'.

I LOVE football.  My affection for the game began years ago; my husband (boyfriend at the time) liked to spend a few hours on sunday at the sports bar down the street, catching the game.  I would, like I did to most sports events, bring a magazine or fashion book, sip my IPA, and idly flip the pages while the noise level around me escalated to whoops, boos and woo-hoos.  It was fun - really fun.  I found I liked being around a bunch of people (mostly dudes) hollering at the TV,  guzzling beers and choking down french fries.  The more NFL I watched, the more I liked the big halftime shows, the in-depth sports reporting, the playbacks, and the jam packed American stadiums filled with cheering fans decked out in bright colours.  I began to enjoy it so much I figured I best find out how the game actually worked.

What I discovered about football that is so appealing is Mike Tomlin (seriously - those eyes!) the strategy.  It's immensely interesting, this game of wills, and it's unpredictability means anything can change in the last 30 seconds of the game.  The players have to be some of the most beautiful athletes I've ever seen, most weighing in at over 300 pounds, yet still able to run 40 yards after being tackled by four or more guys their size (for hours).  It makes me not complain after yoga and appreciate the lengths athletes will go for sport.  There's a tremendous beauty in that sacrifice.

These big strong men also happen to wear makeup.  NFL players eye black is has been in use since about 1942 and was originally made by wiping the burnt end of a cork across the cheekbones under the eyes to help with reflection from the sun or bright stadium lighting.  From there it became a black grease, made from beeswax, paraffin and carbon.  These days, many players wear adhesive eye black stickers with logos or messages, although in 2010 symbols or messages on eye black were banned for college football players by the NCAA thanks to Tim Tebow.

To be noted:  Spotted on models at Band of Outsiders S/S13 runway show, models took to the catwalk with bold white strips of 'war paint' across the cheeks.  We see a similarity.  Would love to see this pretty look on the streets in bright colours, are we brave enough?

Sunday's 47th Superbowl game in New Orleans sees the Baltimore Ravens up against the San Francisco 49ers.  Go team!

I'm wearing RMS Eye Shadow in Karma brushed across cheeks with Alima Pure brush #3.  On lips  Ilia Lipstick in Neon Angel

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