Monday, 11 February 2013

Tiffany Pratt On Beauty

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the bubbly and energetic Designer and Sylist Tiffany Pratt last Summer to hear what beauty means to her.

“What I've found as I've been on my creative journey is that what is beautiful is not what people think is beautiful - to me. When you look at the magazines you see what people classify as the perfect figure, or the perfect face, or the perfect makeup-style, or hair, or outfit. [The magazines] give me hives, because they lay everything out and it's so friggin' perfect and I'm like, 'that's so staged and unreal'.

I call it the 'imperfect-perfect', or the 'undone-done'. Or even the 'un-messy-mess': that whole look to me is absolutely what I think is beautiful. So like, when the kids would leave the room and the room was totaled, but there was paint splatters and glitter and all these cool remnants behind, I would just take such delight in those photos - taking photos of the aftermath, like, 'look at this beautiful mess, this is a gorgeous mess'.

A good portion of my own personal style is that I absolutely do not take myself seriously, I really don't. I don't take beauty too serious. I don't try to over-think my outfits, I don't over-style myself, I don't, none of it. To me, it's not worth my time. What's worth my time is to be entirely myself and people will feel that I'm just being me, and that's what's pretty - to me.

Textures inspire me. Colours are a huge deal for me. Colour is everything. I see life in colours, I see people in colours, I see experiences in colours. I think that when you're around your right colours, you shine brighter. That's why I've gone so extreme with my hair and I look like I have such a colour scheme in my life, like pink and orange and coral and yellow, and all of those shades. I know they make me feel happy and I know they work for me. I love being around those colours, although it may seem like a pink explosion, it feels like who I am.

When I go to the beauty counter and I'm buying something, not only am I looking for colour but I'm also looking for something unique. I like to see things that are a little different, and I'm not afraid. That's the other thing, I think fearlessness is pretty - I'm not afraid to just try something. Being fearless is not even about trendsetting, or following trends so much, it's being honest with your own voice, trying, and being experimental and creative. That's beautiful."

Tiffany Pratt is a Designer and Stylist.  Follow Tiffany here.
Photographed in Toronto July 2012 by Andrea Victory-LaCasse. Originally published on On Beauty. 

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