Friday, 22 March 2013

Charity: Ladybird Animal Sanctuary

Shopping for animal-friendly and cruelty-free beauty is an important part of taking a stand to keep animals out of the products we use to enhance our beauty, but we can also help our furry friends by adopting them.

This charity is Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.  Left is a picture of me with Teddy, a little pomeranian senior who is in a foster home but needs a loving place with someone to call his own.  I spent a day with the little guy, and he's a real sweetie.

Teddy was rescued by Lisa at Ladybird from a shelter.  He'd been dropped off there in rough shape, but a vet visit and a trip to the groomer's for a doggie makeover had him in high spirits on his way to his new foster home.  (If you're looking for a little quiet guy like Teddy, apply here.)

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary was launched in early 2011 by three good friends and musicians  Janine Stoll, Lisa Winn, and Melissa McClelland, who work together to rescue animals from high-kill shelters, finding them loving homes. In June of 2012, they became a registered charity (which means that donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt).

The founders' passion for animal welfare has saved 141 animal lives since the launch, and there are more animals waiting to be adopted.  So make sure you check out Ladybird Animal Sanctuary - you may find your next best friend!  Can't adopt?  You can still help: Click here to donate.

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