Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Fine Line: Ilia Lip Crayons

Ilia Lip Crayons have become a daily staple for me. The newest addition is so easy to use, you'll find you'll be keeping them everywhere...

As you may know, I'm a little over the top in love with Ilia. I can't help it. (Seriously though, aren't you?) When I had Pretty, the shop, I was one of the first to carry the line, and I haven't looked back. Ever the skeptic, I wasn't sure what I was in for when Sasha called me up, but a few moments on the phone, and I was fully aware of her passion and love for her brand, not to mention, her knowledge and high standards for the natural beauty market. Years in research and development meant she thoroughly sought out the best ingredients to make her line not only match up to the current beauty standards of texture, design, and wearability, but to make something truly natural that didn't compromise. Two years in, her line is over 30 products deep and her newest sensation does not disappoint.

I got the set of lip crayons from Sally at FreshFaced, (go there if you haven't been already), and now have put myself in a conundrum: each morning I'm faced with the decision of what to wear: my standard Neon Angel, or one of the crayons. Karma Chameleon is featured above and has become a regular.  Though I'll always be the kind of gal that mixes and changes her lipstick, having a new set of fun tools to incorporate is a treat of the beauty lovers delight. I also have regularly been adding the Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator and Balmy Days Lip Conditioner (above) to my routine for super soft lips. Buff, balm and blend is my mantra.

*for ingredient lists see the linked individual products at FreshFaced.


  1. Ahh the lip crayons are very intriguing! I have never tried lip crayons from any brand ever but everybody has been raving about the one from ILIA.. curiosity kills the cat. Gotta try this!

    What do you think of the consistency? Does this apply easy similar like the conditioner or the lipstick?

    1. Hi Asti - thanks for reading!

      They are similar to the consistency of the lip conditioners, but tend to leave a bit of a stain like the lipsticks. I really like them a lot.