Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Essie Meet Me at the Altar + the "American Mani"

Did you know that Essie polishes are 3-free?  I recalled this about a week ago from an excerpt in a magazine that I read ages ago.  Like, way before I had a boutique, and before 3-free meant yes vs. no for my nails.

I've always been an Essie fan; years ago a friend and I would sit at the end of my bed in my cute little bachelorette, (the only spot to rest our bottoms it was so tiny), and paint each other's nails various shades of Essie pinks.  Essie does the best pinks, or as a manicurist once called it, an American mani.  (that's like a french mani without the white tip).  The American manicure is 'chic' according to the early 2000's.  It's a pale shade of pink, nearly nude, classic nail and I still like it.  I've made it through the nail art craze and have come out the other side enlightened and somewhat subdued.  Anyways, Essie does like, a trillion shades of pale pinks, so there is definitely one to your liking.

My most recent colour of choice is one of Essie's new shades, Meet Me at the Altar, which by namesake must be - and is, part of the Wedding Collection 2013 (collection is pictured above).  It's a lavender-esque version of the above mentioned pinks (third from left), and when I'm not feeling neon or red or just simply can't decide between vampy or happy, I'm stoked on it.  It's a little bit different than my regular almost-there shade, but slightly more interesting and with a touch of shimmer.  Though I still haven't settled on which shade to pick for my sister's upcoming wedding, this one is a contender.

The Wedding Collection 2013 features four shades. From left: Using My Maiden Name, No Baggage Please, Meet Me at the Altar, My Better Half.

Essie, $12 nationwide at drugstores
Headmistress headbands as background, $50 Coal Miner's Daughter

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