Friday, 12 July 2013

Graydon Face Food

This product is a refresher! I keep this baby in the fridge and spritz when I need a little pick me up during the day. I've also incorporated it into my morning and night face washing routine. Why I need it...

Ever the facial mist addict, during the summer months in Toronto, I scoop up toners and sprays the way some collect old books or stray cats (bless them!). Graydon Face Food Elemental Mineral Mist contains 3 minerals: Copper - which penetrates skin cells to help with collagen and elastin, Silver to kill bacteria and neutralize tap water containing sodium-fluoride, and Zinc which decreases inflammation.

I store it in the fridge and when the humidity jump starts my fight or flight response and I find myself looking for a way out of the city, I remember a cooling mist is all I really need. The minerals in this one do a pretty good number on my sad, humid, skin cells. When the mercury gets up there and the air is more then half water, I try to focus on the good things. All I really need is a little food for my face and a lot of cool breeze.

Graydon Face Food Elemental Mineral Mist

Ingredients: ionic copper, silver and zinc infused in purified water.