Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Home by ShopPretty

I mentioned a few months ago that I was bent on expanding ShopPretty to include some green home and fashion tips, and here I am with my first Home by ShopPretty post about the best thing to do in your space: chill out.

When I was a young thing, living at home with my mom and sisters, my youngest sis and I would find ourselves, (as teenagers often do) lounging about the house splayed out on couches, curled up in sun spots on the floor, or hanging off the end of our bunk beds. We eventually gave our regular hobby a name; blifnapping. It wasn't napping because we weren't sleeping, just lazing about thinking of funny things to say to each other and ignoring our chores. We figured, if our laziness had a name, then it wouldn't be regarded as laziness, it was a thing, an activity of sorts.

Blifnapping is a type of lounging, though we decided that wasn't necessarily cute, as we weren't curled up on a chair avidly reading, that was obviously just reading, it was a sort of half sitting on something, legs and arms dangling, fully giving into relaxation. The kind of laying about that as an adult would be embarrassing if say, your boss were to walk in, or your in-laws. It was body un-awareness, a comfortable position that when one gives into it, can make hours fly by, and getting up to be productive is just like, so not happening. (Though our mom had a magic ability to break through the trance and get us to get up and do stuff if needed, but content with a house of quiet teenage girls laying about giggling and making up stories, she more often than not let us be).

As an adult, I don't really do this anymore. There are lazy mornings in bed with my husband when I'll feel free to lay a little longer ignoring emails and blogs, and just chat, but it's not the same. There are still iPhones on the pillows and a computer close by, a cat meowing for attention and there are always Things To Get Done.

Not to whinge about the current state of the technology that puts us everywhere when we want to be nowhere, reachable and guilty for turning it off, but to indulge a little, there is no peace anymore. No unabashed laziness. As a 30 year old in the modern day, laziness = bad, and lounging must be done with some serious reading or a Ted talk in the background; my relaxation contains learning to some extent, even if it's about the Royal baby or the downfall of a teen celeb, or just checking email for the next big career step. I can't let go anymore, not like I used to.

As I think about what it is I'd like to include for the new Home by ShopPretty column, as much as I can't wait to get into the green options for decorating and streamlining where we live, I did want to start on a note about home being the place where we feel the most comfortable. Granted, home can be anywhere, and the feeling of home is not always where we lay our heads, but where we feel like we can be ourselves, let go, chill out. If I can ever get back to it, maybe there'll be a little less tech chatter and a lot more shameless blifnapping.

Stay tuned for more home posts, on decorating and carving out your own green-friendly space in the coming weeks. Have a topic you'd like me to cover? Email me at heythere (at) shoppretty (dot) ca.

Image Vogue via Pinterest.