Wednesday, 20 November 2013

DIY: Lemon + Rosewater Toner

Yesterday, I went for a facial at The Freeze Clinic. (More about the signature treatment I had there coming soon). The lovely and informative Jessica shared with me a simple toner recipe I pretty much ran home to make...

I'm a big fan of simple skincare. I generally use just water to wash my face, and tend toward the minimalistic side of makeup, which is kind of a break from trying great new products the rest of the time. I do love a nice toner or face mist, and having run out of my most recent choice, opting for a DIY seemed timely, and well, pretty fun. This recipe is so simple and cost effective, I think it will be part of my routine for a while. The benefits of rosewater include reducing redness, tightening capillaries and clearing impurities. Plus, the scent is so lovely and delicate. The lemon in this toner is brightening and has astringent properties, and the blast of citrus is invigorating.

1 bottle of pure rosewater
1 lemon (I used a meyer lemon)

Knife for slicing lemon
Simple hand juicer
Clean glass container with screw top or spritzer lid
Sticky label
Tea strainer

5-10 minutes

1/ Slice lemon in half down the middle. Using hand juicer, squeeze out as much juice as possible from each half.
2/ Pour lemon juice through tea strainer into clean bottle to catch any pulp or seeds.
3/ Top bottle up with rosewater.
4/ Shake gently.

Voila - you're new toner is ready! Apply after cleansing for maximum benefits.
I made two - one for home and a little one for travel!

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