Monday, 25 November 2013

DIY: Travel Sugar Scrub

Last friday I featured the Olie Biologique Power Trip Trio as the Daily Pick. Over the weekend, I remembered something Olie founder Linda Alixe Thompson shared with me last spring and I thought I'd share with you. This is a simple on the go DIY - one you can do anywhere! 

In the essence of the super simple toner DIY last week, this little trick for a sugar scrub on the go is one of my favourite things to do when jet lag starts to wear off. All you need is a little facial oil, and a sugar packet from your hotel room. Simply mix them together and you have an exfoliating cleanser to freshen up and face the day no matter where in the world you are!

Obviously, you can do this at home as well, just use a tablespoon of raw sugar if you don't have a sugar packet handy.

Facial oil
Sugar Packet

A little bowl or cup (if in a hotel room use a glass from the bar or coffee mug)
Stirstick (can use a q-tip or stirstick)

1 minute

1/ Empty sugar packet into cup or bowl
2/ Add a few drops of oil until well blended
3/ Apply to skin in circular motion
4/ Rinse. All done!

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