Thursday, 28 November 2013

Pretty Eats: Bacon + Eggs

These days, a healthy breakfast is more than the sum of it's parts. Angie Adventure on her modern take on the traditional breakfast.

I'm all for eating a healthy breakfast. "Start your day off right!" Thought I do enjoy a hearty carrot and ginger juice with my quinoa porridge & pomegranates, but honestly, on the weekends, or after a fun night of drinking, I want a good traditional breakfast. On the other hand, I don't care for trashy food.

Here are my top tips for a better brekkie:

Meat + Eggs
My bacon is what I call "happy", meaning no nitrites or phosphates, besides the natural ones, and raised without antibiotics (preferably with their animal friends in a yard). Also, I always choose free-range eggs.

A good dose of vegetables (spinach and tomatoes are my favourite for breakfast), and either some good gluten free bread or a gluten free muffin. I like my toast gluten free and preferably with as little ingredients as possible. I'm enjoying Silver Hills this time of the year because it's more dense and nutty. Hopefully I'll master making my own at some point!

Cooking It
I love the taste of coconut oil (and the health benefits aren't so bad either), so I generally cook my eggs and veggies in it. If I'm not having nut butter on my toast, I usually slather coconut oil on there as well - it's a great butter substitute!

Cuppa Joe
I'm a tea girl (hello fancy cups), but with my bacon and eggs, I have an organic, fair-trade decaf coffee. I always choose a brand that uses the Swiss Water Process, or similar (Salt Spring Coffee is my local brand in Vancouver) And my sweetener of choice? Maple syrup. It tastes ridiculously good with coffee.

With breakfast this way, I forget the salt & grease and satisfy all my hangover cravings with delicious and healthy flavours!

Angie Adventure is a photographer and healthy eater. Visit her beautiful photo site here.

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