Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Editor Hates It: FASHION Beauty Director Lesa Hannah on the French Manicure

It's all fine and dandy to discuss our latest beauty finds, our faves and always, always what we love, but don't we all have a little something beauty-related that just drives us bonkers? SP introduces The Editor Hates It, a way to have a peek at what doesn't make it to the I Love It List. Here's to lack of censorship! This week, FASHION Magazine Beauty Director Lesa Hannah on why the french mani is NOT classy...

What's the deal, why is the french manicure a no go for you?
Forget no go, it's a NEVER go. French manicures are obscene, vile, tacky beyond reason. I associate them with porn stars--part of that whole beauty aesthetic that favours super tan skin paired with extremely blonde hair--and therefore I equate it with bad beauty taste. People may defend it by saying it's a 'clean look' but how does having thick, long, squared off nails with white tips look natural in any way?

Have you ever had it done?

What's your reaction when you see a french mani on the street? Is it the same as when you see it on the runway?
GAH. I cringe. Shudder. Silently judge. When it's a French pedicure, I'm pretty sure I actually start twitching. When I see it on the runway I am confused. As in Why, Karl Lagerfeld why? Peter Phillips, why did you allow this?

How about the french mani in other shades: YSL had a purple and gold one a while back in 2010/2011. Still the same knee jerk reaction?
That, I don't have a problem with. It's the classic sheer pink with thick white square tip that is so offensive.

Do you think it'll ever make it's way back in, or do you think you may like it again some day?
I've never liked it, and that will never change.

Thanks Lesa!
Thank you for asking!

Styling + photography by Claire Oleson


  1. Agree x 1 BILLION.

    I used to do my own "French manicure" in university, but it consisted of a slightly rosé tinted base coat over the whole nail and a sheer not-quite-white ridge filler on the tips, topped with clear top coat. My nails looked clean and healthy and natural, like I was wearing only clear polish. Then I found out my approach was considered similar to an "American manicure" -- but I never agreed with that. Frankly, if the end result looks at all contrived, like something with a manicure name, then it looks cheap. The more natural looking, the better.

    1. Agreed. Though I do have a fascination with 'Japanese manicures'. There's something about them that has me sitting at my MacBook at least every 6 months Googling them for hours and hours.