Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fuzz Wax Bar: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Assuming we've passed the wax vs shave debate, (I will never again take a razor anywhere near my delicates, but will happily pay someone money to rip hot wax from there), I was nagged with a curious question: What is everyone else doing and why does it feel it matters if my bush, or lack thereof, is on trend? I chat with the owners of Fuzz Wax Bar to find out... 

In my 20's I was muff-free. Once a month I would walk into a waxing salon, strip to my skivvies and command: "All of it, take it all!" The completely bare look, aka the brazillian, felt appropriate, I liked how it looked and felt, and it was in. These days, the chatter regarding a lady's privates has settled considerably since the Sex and the City days in the early '00s. But after hitting my 30's, I haven't been feeling very confident going bald eagle, or sure what to do with hair 'down there'.

Sometime last year, while bookstore shopping with a friend, we went in search of vintage Playboys. Flipping through a 1976 issue, I noted that those young women looked like, well, women. I made note of a model, plaid shirt open, short and curlys glowing in a soft yellow backlight. It was then I decided, that was what would be next for me. It seemed right for my age, and I was willing to give it a go. So for one year, I grew out my bush and tried to like it. But to be honest, I couldn't commit: I wasn't entirely comfortable, even though there was something about the bush that I'd grown to like. Now, a year has passed, and still unsure and curious, I decided to reach out.

I started with my husband. When asked what he preffered, he replied, "whatever makes you happy".
Great answer, I thought, but pressed: "What do you prefer, what do you like?"
Him: "How about a lightening bolt or something?"
Me: "What, like a pervy Harry Potter?
Him: "Maybe a heart? Or a star?" (laughing).
Me: "Ok, so you really don't care then, just checking."

Armed with the knowledge that there were no external preferences to deal with, I still wanted to know: What's in? And more importantly, what's totally out?

So I went to the source. I chatted with Florence Gaven-Rossavik and Jessica Frampton, owners of Toronto's FUZZ Wax Bar, who provided me with the clarity I'd been coveting. Both women explained that in owning a waxing salon, they tend to see only those who opt to wax, but the Brazilian is still going strong. So much so, they've opened a second location.

I questioned them on wether they thought going fully bare might be an age-related thing. Perhaps as we get older, we opt to cover up. Nope - I was wrong again. They've started to see much older women trying out the Brazilian, because they've heard about it and are curious to know how it feels.

Finally, I wondered, is bush maintenance a seasonal thing, are we less likely to wax in the winter? Perhaps a little fuzz no one is going to see means we wax less often? Yes and no - a high percent of customers that go full Brazilian in summer, transition to a sexy bikini in winter (a sexy bikini is most everything removed but the main areas). Frampton and Gaven-Rossavik, recommended I try the sexi-bikini, as a way of bridging the gap between bare and all there. I did ask for a little more removed than what is standard, and the wax pro pleasantly obliged. Once the deed was done and I had a few days to contemplate the situation, I decided that I liked it: I had the tidiness of a Brazilian, but the fuzz of a vintage playgirl.

Set with a new look, I questioned my closest friends. I was surprised to learn none of them had ever had a wax treatment before. I asked: So what do you do? The consensus? Maintenance via trimming and a little razor tidying. Hmm. I never knew, I'd assumed that this battle was not my own, and that we all struggled with what to do with the hair down there, but I was wrong. I guess it's true: when you assume, you make a fuzz out of nothing. Or the other way around?

Overall, everyone did agree that when it comes to grooming your groin, it's less about trends and all about personal preference. I think though, that before any judgement is made, it's important to try new things. Maybe the bush is back? I'd kind of like to think so. I'm not sure on going completely naked there anymore - a little fuzz feels fine.

FUZZ Wax Bar has just opened a new location in the annex. Check it out or head to the Queen St location.

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