Friday, 6 December 2013

Roundup: Holiday Nail Art You May Catch Me Wearing

I'm pretty much over nail art. It was fun while it lasted, but I no longer feel the need to attempt tiny intricate artworks on the tips of my fingers. However...

I do have a secret infatuation for anything on the tacky side, specifically on the beauty front. That, plus I always do what people tell me not to. So if it's on the don't list, I admit, I'll often jump on the defensive and decide that whatever is in contention is/will always be kinda awesome. For example; shoulder pads are cool, and bedazzled denim vests will never, never be out of fashion. I have a fondness for the gaudy.

Consequently, I rounded up a few crazy nail art looks for the holidays to share; because if you can't put glitter/snowmen/an excessive amount of effort into something this time of year, when can you?

To be fair, some of the above looks are pretty cute and minus the long squared off tips, I'd rock them for a holiday party or two.

*Plus - it's my birthday tomorrow and I might need some junkfood at the tips of my fingers.

Images via Pinterest

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