Monday, 2 December 2013

Shop Feature: Headmistress

It gets cold in Canada. Headmistress has literally got you covered with upcycled fur that is local, stylish and functional.

Based out of Toronto, but selling around the world, local milliner Headmistress is a sensation. From floral headbands popular for weddings, to subtle feather hair clips and pins, my favourite is the recycled winter wear. It's hats off from Shop Pretty to Headmistress.

Headmistress mandate: Fur the Record:
"Each and every bit of fur that we use at Headmistress is vintage from secondhand coats that we deconstruct, upcycle and handmake into exquisite accessories.

This is how we see it - back in the day, everyone's Grandma scrimped and saved so that one day she could own her very own fur coat. It was a status symbol and often a lady's most prized possession. While attitudes towards fur have changes over the years, the reality is, these coats still exist. We could let them hang in the back of a closet wasting away, OR, we can take these intricately crafted works of art and do something useful with them.

Real fur is functional (it's so warm!), durable, sustainable and fully biodegradable. Plus, there is simply no replacement for the look and texture of the real deal.

Faux fur on the other hand is made from petroleum-based, non-renewable synthetics, which means it will live in our landfills for centuries. At Headmistress, we love animals and we care about the environment - that's why we will only ever use upcycled vintage fur in our pieces."

I love this brand, and totally agree with their statement on upcycling fur. Why not use what's still out there in a respectable and stylish way, instead of letting it collect dust and mothballs?

Plus, if I can look stylish and warm via the gorgeous headbands at Headmistress, and not appear a sad shuffling vitamin D deficient this winter, that alone will make the many cloudy days ahead much brighter. Crush alert, I'm a little head over heels for Headmistress.

Find your local Headmistress retailer here.

Image via Headmistress.

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