Thursday, 23 January 2014

DIY: Activated Charcoal Eyeliner

DIYs tend toward the skincare side, so it's especially fun to find a way to DIY natural colour for easy homemade makeup. Activated charcoal can be found at most health food stores and is a safe alternative to mainstream eye makeup as it can be ingested - therefore can be worn near the eyes. 

Though not exactly the same as what you may be used to when it comes to liner, this is a great natural treat to whip up for a smokey look. My instructions are to make a liquid or gel, but the powder can be applied alone as a loose eyeshadow as well. Give it a try - it's a very affordable option and a fun activity too!

Activated charcoal powder
Organic jojoba oil

Demitasse spoon
2 tiny pinch bowls

1 -2 minutes

1/ Add activated charcoal powder to tiny pinch bowl.
2/ Add a few drops of jojoba oil to charcoal powder.
3/ Mix with a small brush or q-tip until mixture is smooth.

To Use:
Apply with a small angled brush along the lashline, or with fingers over the lid. Repeat until desired look has been achieved.

If using for liquid eyeliner, or for thicker product, add more powder until consistency is gel like.

Note that the consistency will be slightly grainy and the look, if smudged will be textured with a 'rock and roll' effect. The powder can be messy, so I advise trying it out on a night when you have time for mistakes. One plus of activated charcoal is that fallout (those little flecks of powder that end up undereyes and on cheeks) are easily wiped away. Keep playing with - it'll likely take a few tries to gain more control and become comfortable using it regularly.

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