Monday, 10 February 2014

10 Things I Love About Natural Beauty

Switching to clean and green products seemed at first like it would be really challenging. Not unlike eating healthy: At first it seems you have to give up all the good stuff! However, similar to cutting out junk food, once the initial transition is made, the renewed energy and fresh palate make life ten times better. Here are ten reasons I love my green beauty routine...

1/ The Products 
Before I was a natural beauty, I loved products, and now I do even more! Before, the thing was, fancy products didn't always work the way I expected them to. Sure, the new lotion made my skin feel smooth - until the next morning when I jumped in the shower and could feel it sliding off my skin. I probably have more green beauty products then I had non-natural before, and I don't feel that I gave up anything at all, but that I've adopted so many favourites.

2/ Responsive Beauty
Before, I generally had the exact same routine day-to-day. Which now, seems crazy to me: That I would wake up, shower, and apply the same makeup, maybe switching up my lipstick or eyeshadow, every day without considering what my skin might need. That's like eating the same food day-in-day-out without question. I now feel in control of how I look and deal with any flare ups or reactions as they come.

3/ Impact-Aware
When I purchase a green product, I know that it wasn't tested on animals, that the packaging is recyclable, that the ingredients were sustainably sourced. I love knowing that the choices I make to look better have a positive impact on both my body and the world around me. The small businesses and brands that create these products are supporting the economies in which they are working, contributing to fair working conditions, and local employment.

4/ Beauty Schooled 
My entire outlook towards beauty and cosmetics has improved from learning about ingredients. Though I've always been excited about new brands and products, my information about a 'miracle extract' no longer comes from a press release. I delight in learning about ingredients sourced from the earth, and often, in the amazing scientific ways they are found. Even some ideas, what I would have brushed off as 'hippie dippie' that may have once seemed frivolous or 'out there', now resonate with me and I am open to learning about it all. There is no end to my natural beauty education and I love that, whether scientific or spiritual.

5/ Scent-sational
In really good natural beauty products, rose smells like a rose, mint like fresh sprigs of mint. The scent of pure carrot seed oil is the essence of carrot, like biting into one. No more are there orange lotions that smell like plastic oranges, berry scents that smell like bubblegum. If it's scented - it's the real deal. And that's wonderful.

6/ I Am What I Eat
I like knowing that what I put on my skin is like feeding myself. I now see that what I eat has a direct impact on my skin. A breakout usually comes the day after I have too much sugar, a rash after too much wheat. I no longer see my insides as one part and my outside as another. My body is one and all parts work together.

7/ Curated & Crafted
Green beauty products, the ones I use, are created by people who are also passionate about what is in their skincare and cosmetics. They put their knowledge and skill to work with what is healing and safe. These companies are interested in making the best, most effective and pleasant products they can. The alternative is a chemically-laden, petroleum-fuelled industry that cares nothing about my skin and only about the bottom line. Why bother with that?

8/ Choices, Choices
There isn't just one option in one hundred slight variations. For example, deodorant. Before, I would go to the deodorant isle, smell all the identical products and have to pick one that worked only so well, and deal with side effects of little lumps and bumps under my arms. When I switched to Soapwalla, an entirely different product, it worked better and now I have smooth and soft underarms. I wasn't happy with anti-perspirant, and by going green I found a solution that was just what I wanted.

9/ A Steadily Improved Routine
I can honestly say that my skin has improved. The more green products I use, the better results I see. Granted, there was a tricky adjustment phase, but now that I use only green products, they all work together to give me the softest, smoothest skin, and I would never go back.

10/ Harmony
I feel more in tune with my true self. I know this may sound cheesy, but taking the time to understand what I'm putting on my skin made me reassess how I approach my body - not as something to be fixed and made-over, but a part of me that needs nourishment, healing and affection to be the best it can be.

Image by Angie Adventure.

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