Thursday, 27 February 2014

Detox Your Life: The Detox Market Toronto has Everything

The Detox Market in Toronto is the place to go for the best in green beauty.

Since the SP feature last year, the stock has grown what seems like 10 times, (though I'm not sure of the exact figure). Grab a Belmonte Raw smoothie from the pop-up inside and peruse the goods. Stocking clean skincare, green makeup, natural fragrance, they also offer treats like chocolate and tea. A host of brands available only online are laid out for your purchasing pleasure. Grab a basket, and stock up!

So many goodies, so get down there this weekend and find your new favourite everything. Make sure to chat with the lovely staff to show you around and introduce you to their top picks.

The Detox Market is located at 367 King West, Toronto ON.

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