Friday, 7 February 2014

Ingredient App: Think Dirty Shop Clean

Lily Tse is the founder of the awesome beauty product ingredient app Think Dirty. She answered a few of my questions about her motivations behind this super helpful, and literally, very handy tool for shopping clean. (The super-cute graphics are fun too)!

The Think Dirty app is the perfect solution for beauty shopping. Simply open the app, scan the product and it's info pops up on the screen for you. It's tools like this that are making it easier to know what's in your products and a quick way to be sure they are safe to buy and use. Download the app here own - Android users, your version is coming soon - then go check all of your products to see how they rank.

1/ Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Sure. I had a bachelor degree in Arts Management and Business. I also went to a graduate program in Copenhagen for Interaction Design in past 3 summers. Prior to founding Think Dirty, I have founded Happy Monday, a boutique design firm for interactive and mobile design. I had been an award-winning Art Director in advertising and design for 13 years and worked on campaigns for major International and Canadian brands including Mercedes Benz, Tim Hortons, Joe Fresh, Holt Renfrew, Recyclebank, Harvard Graduate School of Design and MIT Global Challenge. 

2/ Why were you so passionate about making an ingredient app for consumers?
Mainly it ties back to my family was touched by cancer. And through more research, there are many close links of chemicals used in personal care products are hormone disruptors. As health and beauty enthusiast, I feel I could use my background in marketing and design to champion this cause and make an impact for many young women out there who are as curious as I am.

As a health conscious consumer, I feel this part of the lifestyle option is not widely spoken about. On top, "pinkwashing" within the cosmetics industries has been a real issue in past decade. The talk of a "cure" was the main focus, and again the topic of prevention is less discussed.

3/ How long was the development process? It must be a lot of work to keep updating products?
The idea was born 3 years ago. The actual development work took approx. 8 months. Updating the products take quite some efforts especially for companies who are not transparent about their ingredients. We rely on users' submissions, which we are humbled and thankful for their contributions.

4/ I’ve heard of people downloading the app and then going through everything in their bathroom only to realize everything they own gets terrible rankings. What are your suggestions for replacing products?
I suggest you replace the ones when you run out. Then use our app to find cleaner options. It's more economical and realistic to switch over. Do it step by step and as your budget permits. The important thing is now they are aware of it, and consciously making an effort to shop cleaner.

5/ Anything to add?
We hope to launch a crowdfunding campaign in late spring, we would love your readers to support. And please download our app and if you like it, rate and spread the word. We got a vibrant and active community on our social network, they give us the feedback and support we need to keep improving our product. Like Think Dirty on Facebook.

Thank you so much Lily for taking the time to chat - and for creating this tool!

Readers, need suggestions for new clean and green products? Here you go!

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