Friday, 7 February 2014

TGIF: Links + Love February 7/14

TGIF! On fridays, Shop Pretty brings you pretty news, local events, sale info, et links to interesting articles. This week, breakfast, a Stark sale, the Olympics and likers gonna like.

1/ This chia pudding will change your mornings. I make it with almond milk, ground cardamom and real vanilla the night before and pop it in the fridge. In the am, I toss on some chopped cashews, unsweetened flaked coconut and some berries. So good and so satisfying!
2/ Stark Skincare is having a sale and is the Friday deal with No More Dirty Looks. Save 15% because it's Stark's birthday number two. Enter starkbirthday at checkout. Happy Shopping!
3/ Conserve energy - your iPhone energy that is. Does it seem like your battery is always dying? Try these little known tips to make it last longer.
4/ Skin not doing so well this month as winter carries on? Sally over at Fresh Faced has some solutions. Pick up a few things there and try a few of my winter skin solutions here.
5/ Speaking of winter solutions, this has got to be the cutest humidifier ever.
6/ Keep up with our nation's athletes with Twitter updates @CDNOlympicTeam .
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