Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Editor Hates It: Janine Falcon on Too Thin Brows

The Editor Hates It is back! SP's column on the beauty peeves of the ladies in charge. This round, I'm excited to have Beauty Geeks founder and editor, Janine Falcon weigh in on the no-nos of super thin eyebrows. 

Why are too thin brows a point of contention for you?

Too-thin or over-tweezed brows affect the curb-appeal of a face like nothing else. They're a triple-threat in a bad way: 1) Too-thin brows throw facial proportion off. Skinny brows can make a chin look heavier, a forehead look bigger, a full face look fleshier and a gaunt face even more gaunt. 2) Too-thin brows add visual years to a face -- the number of years they add increases as we get older. Put a photo of a skinny-browed woman's face next to a photo of the same face with fuller brows à la Lily Collins, and I bet people would guess the skinny-brow face was five years or more older, especially if the woman is already older than 35. 3) Too-thin brows can make a face look mean, harsh or unhappy, whether or not the face's owner is actually feeling that way.

Have you ever been found guilty of over-plucking?

Sadly yes. Over-tweezed once in my 20s and made my brows so mad they left for good. Now I have to fake full brows with a brow marker and sometimes powder and a fibre brow gel.

Why do you think people do it?

Lack of objectivity and lack of skill. Often, it's because the face is too close to a mirror when tweezing is underway -- you can't maintain balance when you're so focussed on one feature. As to lack of skill, very often too-thin brows happen when we're young and inexperienced in the ways of beauty and grooming (points to self). Plus, some people follow "trends" a bit too closely. A trend isn't something to follow like a directive. It's a suggestion. Best to avoid any trend that might have a permanent impact, like melon-ball boobs from the 1980s supermodel era, or over-pruned brows that might not grow back on their own.

If it were to pop up on the runway would you have a change of heart?

God no. Never. Those runway faces might be able to carry off thin brows or no brows at all, but they're exceptions for two reasons: 1) Runway models are often so young that even with grey hair they look fresh-faced and bright. 2) Models are usually so blessed in the bone structure and proportion area that when the balance is thrown off they just look intriguing, or striking. Non models have to be a bit more circumspect when it comes to our features, especially as we age. Plus, a thin-brow runway trend can too easily have permanent ramifications (see "might not grow back on their own.")

Thanks Janine!

PS: Check out Janine's site here.

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