Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Try Before You Buy: Sample It

You try it you buy it? The secret to online green beauty shopping.

Part of the clean and green beauty beat is that it's pretty easy to get your hands on products - if you live in a big city or have a local shop that stocks all of your favourite luxe natural brands. But - if you happen to live outside the bustling metropolis, it's a lot harder to get your hands on what you want. Online shopping is the obvious solution, but without the chance to dip your paws into a cream, or take a deep inhale of what may or may not be a scent you like, forking over cash for something everyone is raving about online may seem fiscally-risky.

Enter the ever-saving sample. Fresh Faced launched a custom sampling program recently, with a couple-uses per sample for only .75 cents each. Clementine Fields followed suit, and now offers a similar sample program.

Before you start jumping around and mouse clicking like crazy, note that there are rules to be followed when sampling. For example, there's a limit on how many of each sample you can purchase (the samples are meant to try, not to fill up an empty bottle of something) and don't expect to find samples of products that are hard to sample out - such as eyeliner or mascara. Both Fresh Faced and Clementine Fields have guidelines posted to clarify their terms for you.

Also, samples are just that, a tiny taster of what to expect from the product. Don't be disappointed when you find a packet of tiny (and adorable) containers in the mail - if you were hoping for something larger, you were probably thinking of travel size - not sample size.

Remember, if there is something not offered as a sample, reach out to the company and ask, or go online and ask around. The green beauty community is on the ball and extremely helpful. Just don't not try something, and run back to your drugstore faves, I urge you sample your heart away. Eventually, you'll find something you love so much that you'll buy the whole thing and start giving your own samples of it to your best friends - so keep your containers. It's the cycle of the sample: reduce (your spending, re-use (or just use) and re-sample.

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