Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Copy That: Bardot-Style Spring Casual

They say it's Spring. I say a loose carefree look inspired by Brigitte Bardot and posed by Kate Moss is in order. 

Though it's still chilly enough for us to keep our pants on, we're far ahead of ourselves in planning for Spring. Sunny days with that warm solar heat sippin' on gin and green juice has us dreaming of loose updos, pale lips and absinthe shades. Come on Spring, light the way!

Makeup: A light coverage of foundation, and nude lips by Ilia.

Shades: Warby Parker has some. I love these.

Sweater: Loose and baggy, worn with non-chalance.

Pants: Your choice, just remember you still need them for a few more months.

Background image by AngieAdventure.

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