Monday, 10 March 2014

Motivation Tonic: Lotus Wei Inspired Action Perfume

More than a scent, Lotus Wei's Inspired Action perfume is the perfect pick-me up to transport you to a feel-good happy place.

The other day around 3pm, I was overcome with a bout of the mid-day slumps. Sitting at my computer, I stared blankly at the screen, weighed down with a snooze-power so heavy that I felt like my head was in a blanket of fog.

It was a smothering feeling, and like all good slumps do, it clouded my thoughts from remembering all of the usual pick me ups: cold water, cold air, a couple of jumping jacks. Breaking the trance and reaching for my phone, I thought with a sigh, "I need some inspired action. Inspired action". Suddenly my slump began to shake: I actually had a motivation tonic on hand.

Lotus Wei makes scents so appealing you want to spray them all day. Luckily, you can. Natural, original and authentic, each blend is sweet and warm and moves you into the intention of it's label. Inspired Action with it's warmth of cardamom, pep of pink pepper, sweetness of bay rum and vibrance of lime, is an immediate lift. A single spritz transports you to a warm sunny beach with a freshly made cocktail and the whole day ahead; motivation and energy are vaporized into the air around you.

This aromatherapy perfume breathes life right back into your day, Or in my case, removes fog blanket from head.

Fresh Faced has Lotus Wei products. Try the Inspired Action perfume, or one of the 5 other scents available in mists, serums and fragrance.

Organic grape alcohol; essential oils of organic organic lime. organic cardamom, organic lemon, pink pepper, bay rum, and allspice; and hand-collected flower essences of fire star orchid, red bird of paradise, chandelier succulent, euphrasia, and lotus; and gem essence of fluorite.

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