Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Weather Face: Thoughts on the Temperature

The Weather has always been a considering factor in my beauty routine. After a chat with my sister, I realized I should share my thoughts on the temperature and what I do about it.

I've been finding on a lot of beauty blogs and sites lately, that the sharing of beauty routines has become quite popular reached it's tipping point. I attribute it to Into the Gloss's Top Shelf. It reminds me of the "what's in your purse" articles in '90s Glamour and Teen mags: At first it seems really interesting, until it's not, because it's everywhere and you start copping on to all the product placement.

Anyway, plenty of beauty blogs now are asking around to find out how everyone preps for the day. To be honest, I rarely get through an entire written routine, but after much skimming, one thing I find interesting, is in omission, what isn't mentioned. Rarely, does anyone mention the weather. Or the climate. It darn near seems weird. For me, my morning (or afternoon - I do work from home) routine always starts with the question: what's it doing outside? And from there I reach up and touch my skin to see how dry/oily/normal it feels, and then I prep.

I'm not alone. I know I'm understood by at least one other person: My sister, Ange. She lives on the west coast, travels frequently all the time, has lived in Toronto, and with me, grew up in Newfoundland. One thing we've both noticed is that when you live on a coast, your skin is just better. We are not dermatologists or meteorologists, but we surmise that this is due to there being more moisture in the air, because of the ocean. I think many people would agree that the ocean is a natural beautyfier - in most cases. Like when you go on vacation and spend a week in the surf and sand, with body in your hair and salt on your body, only to return to the city where the bounce goes flat, the frizz returns, and skin needs constant attention - because the city is full of pollution and if it's Toronto, it's dry when it's cold and wet when it's warm.

Here's the thing, the cosmetics industry has broken it down for us by skin type: You're either, dry, normal, sensitive, oily, or 'combination'. Well, not to brag, but I am all of these things, all of the time. My skin condition depends directly on a number of things: The weather, my food choices from the past week, and how I'm feeling (stress versus in-love etc.). What cream or lotion or oil or cleanser I reach for depends on what time of year it is, how far down or up the mercury is and wondering why I don't live in Bali.

When it comes to my beauty routine, mapping it out to give an idea of all the products I use would be different every day. I regard my beauty products as tools; solutions for what my skin needs. It's less about routine and more about examination - though often it feels like a science experiment.

The first thing I reach for before I hop in the shower is my weather app. It's the best beauty tool I have, after of course, actually looking at my skin to see what's up.

What do you think, do you think about the weather when you get ready?

Image by AngieAdventure.

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