Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Get It: Stitch & Locke Launch Cork Wallet on Kickstarter

Spring Clean your wallet with the Slide wallet – just launched on Kickstarter by Stitch & Locke out of San Francisco. 

Maybe you're a wallet packrat like George Costanza from that Seinfeld episode, stuffing as many tiny bits of paper and cards into your wallet as possible. Or maybe you're more like Amelie's mother who took great pleasure emptying her handbag, cleaning it out and then putting everything back in just so.  
Either way, our wallets – the filing cabinets of our day-to-day – need to have a system. A minimalist solution is San Francisco designer Calvin Kwok's cork and denim pocket: A simple and elegant sleeve that'll keep cards and cash together.

An eco-solution worth supporting. Fund the campaign here and get your very own wallet come June!

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